Pro Cycling Stats: Unveiling Shocking Facts and Figures

1. In 2022, Tadej Pogačar became the youngest winner of the Tour de France since 1904, at the age of 22.

2. The average cyclist at the Tour de France burns around 6,071 calories per day, equivalent to about 21 Big Macs.

3. Eddy Merckx, a Belgian cycling legend, holds the record for the most career victories, with an astonishing 525 wins.

4. The highest recorded speed on a bicycle was achieved by Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg, who reached 167.044 mph (268.831 km/h) in 1995.

5. Greg LeMond won the closest Tour de France in history in 1989, beating Laurent Fignon by just eight seconds after more than 2,000 miles of racing.

6. The tallest rider to ever compete in the Tour de France was Johan van der Velde, standing at 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters) tall.

7. The longest stage in Tour de France history was in 1919, stretching a staggering 338 miles (545 kilometers) from Les Sables-d'Olonne to Bayonne.

8. The fastest ever recorded time trial speed was achieved by Rohan Dennis during the 2015 Tour de France, averaging an incredible 34.5 mph over 8.7 miles.

9.  Jeannie Longo, a French cyclist, holds the record for the most French national titles, with an astonishing  59 victories.

10. The slowest average speed in Tour de France history was recorded in 1919, when Eugène Christophe averaged only 25.6 km/h in the race.

11. The longest uninterrupted solo breakaway in the Tour de France was achieved by Albert Bourlon in 1947, lasting for 253 miles (407 kilometers).

12. The fastest stage in Tour de France history took place in 1999, with an average speed of 31.56 mph (50.74 km/h) over 139.9 miles.

13. The most ever stage won in a single Tour de France was achieved by Eddy Merckx in 1970, who claimed an astonishing 8 stage victories.